I made the Evil Tender Cut!

Why, I’ve just been interviewed by the charming Chris Jalufka, writer/artist/musician/blogger (and I need to add ‘etc.’ because it seems like he might have even more up his creative sleeve that I haven’t yet discovered), for his brilliant site Evil Tender.

Chris describes ‘Evil Tender’ as the peripherally ‘art’-generated money we artists make in order to…keep…making…art. Example: I’ve read that Gary Oldman did LOST IN SPACE in order to fund his masterpiece NIL BY MOUTH.  That was truly Evil Tender. In reference to the old saying “The world needs its ditch diggers” Chris refers to himself as a ditch digger. If Chris is a ditch digger, he’s finding all sorts of treasures along the way, just dig around his site for these gems, or go straight to his Greatest Hits! page.

To hear me gush about Austin, the importance of peers, the genius of Max Landis and the life breath of dreams, see here for Chris’s interview.

As my granddaddy used to say, I’m so proud I could spit.