Selective Synchronicity is Cheating

I recently tweeted this: Pointless synchronicities are like lame super powers. More trouble than they’re worth. #whyohwhy

To which my sister replied: @jenprange I highly disagree about synchronicities. God’s a comic.

My retort: @Ravie13 Well, I hurt my head trying to figure out a Yelp synchronicity yesterday. Good one, God.

I waited for the lightning bolt (how dare I call God out on Twitter?!). It arrived jarringly in the form of the realization that I was cheating. How can I pick and choose which synchronicities are meaningful, and which are not?

Recently I experienced one for the books. Running through the alleyways of Tacoma toward Wapato Park, against the blaring of my Kick Ass running mix, I filled my mind with all sorts of daydreams and positive visualization. Among those mental images was the feeling of joy I get when I think about The Falls. I go all out on these visuals, by the way. I see scenes from the script on the big screen. I envision the right actors holding the script in their hands. Embodying the words. I see an Oscar on my nightstand.

As I envisioned MY Oscar on MY nightstand, here is what I nearly tripped over in an alleyway in Tacoma. 

What are the odds of nearly tripping over a novelty Oscar statuette in an alleyway in Tacoma, WA? An alleyway I had just run through not 45 minutes earlier (at which point it wasn’t there), AS I was daydreaming about Oscars?

Obviously, this has a cosmic meaning.

But what about less exciting and astounding synchronicities?  Don’t they just become relegated to the category of coincidence, no grand label of ‘cosmic significance’ for them?

Last Wednesday I learned how to make shrub. Surprisingly I, no stranger to cocktails, had never heard of shrub before. I’ve now seen it or heard it referenced five times at least since last Wednesday. Why? What can this mean?

When in doubt, I like to make a mental list of past seemingly meaningless coincidences that have resulted in unexpectedly meaningful forward movement in my life. In doing so, I’ve found the key is to not rely on ‘The Universe’ coming along to take care of things for you. Know what you want and take steps, even baby steps (better yet baby steps!) toward it. Action is the fuel behind intention. Synchronicity is like those little lights that lead to the front of an airplane toward the exit. “You’re heading in the right direction.”

Maybe the point of (even seemingly pointless) synchronicity is simply to keep us aware and searching for connections. Kind of an exercise for the senses and the mind. Anything that keeps me wondering makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is The Oscars. Which are happening today. My little friend, pictured above, will hold court on my coffee-table over my nerdy printed out sheet of nominees and the bottle of cheap ‘champagne’ I bought to drink while I lounge around in pajamas and watch the ceremony. Mind you, I didn’t go for the cheapest champagne (I coughed up at least $6.99), and those pajamas are the satin-ey kind, not the cotton ones with bleach stains on the knees. I do want to send the right message to the Universe after all.