We are now in the last 12 days of our Blue Bunny campaign, 17% funded and need to be 80% funded to receive any of the generous contributions that have been made. Today I profile Dennis, the type of person you want on your side when things look bleak. Dennis was brought to life on stage last August at the Destiny City Film Festival  by talented actor/producer Garr Godfrey.

This is Dennis.

A lifetime student with a love for history and music and language, Dennis ended up with too many degrees in too many disciplines to do him any good. Dennis is almost monk-like, not only in his spartan existence, 40’s, single, living in a tiny one-bedroom house with a foggy view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but also in his resolve to see the best in everyone and the light among darkness.  Dissatisfied with the lack of one-on-one impact he was making as a teacher at a community college in ‘the big city,’ he returned to his childhood town of Port Angeles and became a social worker and parole officer.  He is good at his job. He goes, always, above and beyond even the extra mile. Nothing breaks him. But Shane will try.

Thank you to Ben Slavens for the use of his gorgeous photography.



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