Silverton. Day One.

Arrival in Silverton yesterday! Many thanks to Lou King, who picked me up, frazzled, disoriented and filthy as I was (having spent the previous hours sleeping on a plane AND on the floor of the DFW B terminal, gate 49, and trying, without success to sleep on a second plane, the short connecting leg from Dallas to Durango). Lou found me at baggage claim and swept me up the winding road to Silverton, sometime during which the extreme altitude made me dizzy enough that I hardly noticed the thousand-foot drop inches from the edge of the road. I spent more energy marveling at the beauty. It is so nice to be back.

The day was spent planning for the shoot as much as was possible without everyone else yet being here. A few more participants signed up for the workshop which was nice and Lou’s and my idea of driving to look at stars from Molas Pass was thwarted less by a light cloud cover and more by my not being able to keep my eyes open over dinner. It was lovely to meet Steve Fearn, the brother of A Theatre Group founder Marianne Fearn, who, unfortunately, passed away 8 years ago. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to refer to Marianne as mentor to the greatest theatre teacher I have personally known, Mollie Mook-Fiddler. Marianne’s presence has been felt over the past day.

And Mollie, just eight hours away in Denver, is in my thoughts and actions during every step of this project. Her powers of coordination are ever-present, even without her presence!

Still I will readily admit to missing her terribly as the only time I’ve spent in Silverton has been with her. I should be hanging out with her, catching up over a long-awaited glass of wine, here, at Rudy’s, where we sat just four years ago in 2012, the first time she asked me to work with A Theatre Group. 

I am very excited (and I gather, so are the others) to make this project something special and so happy to be working with the great group of artists Mollie has assembled. Looking forward to finally meeting Sinjin Jones, our director, for the first time in just one hour, then a brief hello to our cast, Ben Mattson and Rebecca Krebbs, before I head to Day One of the workshop!

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