Silverton. Day Four.

Yesterday, Thursday, was Day 4, the first day I was able to wake without an alarm, the first day I had an opportunity to hike (up to the Christ of the Mines, which I had been gazing at through my bathroom window and wondering when I could find my way up there) and mosey around the town, buy a few souvenirs (including one for myself, this beautiful Navajo squash blossom necklace from the same pawn shop where I bought my favorite ring in 2012) and play piano for nearly an hour in the beautiful parlor at The Wingate House.

It was also the last evening of the workshop.

I can’t express enough my appreciation for and amazement of the workshop participants. Everyone was invested, everyone was open, everyone was patient with the fact that we were behind on our itinerary. I added a bonus session for tonight, Friday, just before the reading and screening. The deadline for submitting scenes to be read at the event was this morning at ten am, and I am proud to say that I received five beautiful scenes written by brand spanking new screenwriters.

I had made a plan to meet friend, A Theatre Group man-of-all-hats and IRENE producer Lou King for drinks at Silverton’s The Rum Bar after the workshop. Director Sinjin Jones who had spent all day, the day I had spent so leisurely, editing and correcting and creating a short film, grabbed me on my way out the door and asked whether I’d like to see a rough cut of IRENE.

Yes. I think I’d like that.

So actor Ben Mattson (Dennis), workshop participant Jason Nelson (who had been hanging around chatting with us after the workshop) and I gathered around Sinjin’s laptop to catch our first glimpse of the film.

And with one click of the mouse, it began.

Sinjin left the room, but seconds later drifted back in to watch it with us. I sat, hand over my mouth, in awe. I held it together until the final black out, at which point I stood up, tears in my eyes, and tried to express my gratitude with some awkward hugs as I fled the scene. It was too much. I am so proud of what this team has put together in so few days. I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. I absolutely cannot wait to show it to Mollie and say LOOK WHAT YOU MADE HAPPEN.

I spent THIS morning printing scripts at Lou’s home, a home very sadly a little emptier now as he had to say goodbye to his beautiful dog of ten years, DVD, yesterday. She greeted me on Monday when I arrived and let me run my hands through her thick white fur while I, of course, showered her with compliments on her beautiful coat. Lou had mentioned that was odd for her, and that she had been acting…funny. I am sorry to say that she left us yesterday. I hope she is frolicking with my beautiful Edith girl and every other beloved, missed and mourned four-legged friend. Like a show-must-go-on trouper, Lou was in the kitchen, just the same, whipping up all the amazing snacks for the screening and reading event. The house was filled with the smell of curried cashews and rosemary almonds.

So, back to last night at The Rum Bar. Lou and Ben and I toasted DVD, drowned our sorrows a bit in their amazing Maharajis and Pina Coladas and talked about the insanity and magic of the week. The creativity and the rush. The beauty of Silverton and the joy of being immersed in creating a piece of art that we will share.


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